Signs and Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth Symptoms
(Pericorontitis seen with Wisdom Tooth)

When wisdom teeth communicate in the oral cavity, the most common symptom is localized pain, and swelling of the overlying tissue. This tissue is called an operculum and the disorder is called pericoronitis. This is a fancy word that means inflammation of the tissue around the crown of the tooth. Low grade Pericoronitis is not considered an infection, although it can likely lead to an infection if the area is not treated quickly.

Here are some other common signs and symptoms that can be seen with Wisdom teeth:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swelling to face or neck area (this can be a medical emergency)
  • Bad odor from the site
  • Trouble fully opening your mouth

If any of these signs and symptoms start to show up, please have your wisdom teeth examined as soon as possible.