Frequently Asked Questions Regarding IV Sedation

What are the advantages of IV Sedation?

  • You will not be aware of the procedure taking place
  • The drugs act very quickly and we can monitor its affects rapidly during your surgery
  • The level of sedation will be deeper than what’s seen with Nitrous Oxide or “laughing gas”, or oral sedation alternatives
  • You will not recall most or any parts of the procedure
  • Gag reflex is lessened, so those with severe gag reflexes tolerate the procedure much better
  • There is no need for an airway tube as you will be breathing on your own.

Can I take my medications before the procedure?

Unless specifically told otherwise by Dr. Naderi, take your medications prior to the procedure small a small glass of water.

Can I take any anti-anxiety medications prior to the procedure?

Inform our office is this is the case, or if you have taken one of these medicines prior to coming to our office.

Can I eat or drink prior to my surgery?

Our office policy recommends no eating or drinking 6-8 hours prior to your procedure. A small sip of water before the procedure may be allowed after informing Dr. Naderi.

What are the disadvantages of IV sedation?

  • Bruising after the plastic tube is removed in your arm can be seen.
  • You will need an escort to drive you to our office, and to drive you back home.
  • You will need to take the day off to recover from the drugs that were administered.

If I am pregnant, can I be sedated with IV sedation?

Our office is against using any form of IV sedation if you are pregnant. If it’s an emergency such an infected or abscessed wisdom tooth, regular local anesthesia will need to be used without sedation. A medical clearance and release form may be required from your doctor. Please inform our staff if you are pregnant.