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Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston
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Wisdom Teeth Removal HoustonWisdom Teeth Removal Houston
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Wisdom Teeth removal with IV sedation as low as $999! As low as $0 with some insurances!
Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Since we are focused solely on wisdom teeth, you will get safe and exceptional care.

Excellent. Good service & honest. Clear communication. Affordable wisdom teeth removal in houston.
Zachary Threadgill
Zachary Threadgill
I cant wait to get my wisdom teeth pulled here. Great prices, super nice office, overall I'm very impressed. Very nice ladies operating the desk.
Grin Leef
Grin Leef
Painless and affordable extraction. Had two extractions done without general anesthesia. Operation took short time and pain was tolerable and healing was fast.
Karim Rinawi
Karim Rinawi
I got 2 of my top wisdoms removed didn’t hurt at all without sedation! The staff was very nice they made me feel comfortable, The dentist was also very kind, He introduced himself I was nervous at first but he quickly assured me that I was in good hands. The procedure was very quick took nothing but 5 minutes!🥰 This is an affordable place to go if you don’t have dental insurance.
I am afraid of dentists and Dr Naderi and his team made me feel calm and relaxed all the way to the end. I had the 4 wisdom tooth removed at the same time, I did not feel anything! I went home and after a few hours recovering from the sedation I was feeling great! The healing process was short and I am so happy with the results! I will be back for any other dentist issues that I have! I highly recommend them!
Paula RomaRedon
Paula RomaRedon
Extremely satisfied with my experience. Dr Naderi did a very good job removing all four of my wisdom teeth. The place is very nice and clean.
Jimmy Tran
Jimmy Tran
I couldn’t write this review fast enough. The service was exceptional, the next day I felt the best that I have felt in years. I’m going back to get all my dental work done here and will always refer him to anyone who needs it. The customer service was the best, they made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. Doctor Jasmine was so easy to talk too, and greeted me as soon as I walked in. It was well worth the hour drive because the my experience was impeccable.😇❤️😁
Latrice Richardson
Latrice Richardson
Extremely satisfied with my experience. Dr Naderi was extremely sweet and informative. He made the whole process of my bottom wisdom tooth removal so smooth. Didn’t feel a thing and have been recovering fairly well. Not to forget the prices they offer you. They’re the best you can find
Afsheen Khan
Afsheen Khan
I had all four wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Naderi and I couldn't be happier with how everything went! Dr. Naderi makes you feel cared for the whole time and you don't feel a thing.Recovery has been a breeze, with pain and swelling being very minimal if any. My family and friends were all stunned with how fast I recovered. One day post-op, I was already eating everything I normally eat and with no swelling. Also, they had the best price in town. I can assure as I visited two other doctors before picking Dr. Naderi and some were charging twice as much.
Mylena Hawkins
Mylena Hawkins
Had my bottom wisdom tooth removed today and and I wish I had gotten all my other 3 removed here too. Everyone was really nice and friendly. Made the whole process less scary and fast. I ended recommending this location to all of my friends. Much better price compared to where I previously went
Elvia Rodriguez
Elvia Rodriguez

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    Same-Day Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    Wisdom Teeth removal is all we do. Dr. Naderi has mastered the craft of removing wisdom teeth with minimally invasive techniques that allow for rapid healing. Our entire office is dedicated to the removal of wisdom teeth. By concentrating on a single path of oral healthcare, our team will make your wisdom teeth removal experience quick and have you on the road to recovery in no time. Dr. Naderi has removed thousands of wisdom teeth throughout his career and has been involved in thousands of sedations. He, along with his team, will make sure you are safe throughout the entire procedure. We take most insurance plans. No insurance? Not a problem. Our cash prices are unmatched in the greater Houston area. Why spend thousands of dollars on removing you or your child’s wisdom teeth? Keep your money for more important things that matter in your life. At Wisdom Teeth Factory, we prioritize quality of service while keeping as much of your hard-earned money in your pocket. The normal fee for wisdom teeth removal by an oral surgeon in Houston is thousands of dollars more than our practice. Why do we do it at such prices? Because we think that is a fair price for you and your family.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Will Dental Insurance cover my wisdom teeth extractions?

    Most insurance plans cover some if not most if the removal procedure. Every plan is different, but we will let you know exactly what your plan covers on the day of your consultation. Even if your plan does not cover wisdom teeth removal, our cash prices are the best you will see around the greater Houston area.

    Do Wisdom teeth need to be removed?

    Unless your wisdom teeth are healthy and fully functional, we strongly recommend removing them. Wisdom teeth can have a dramatic impact on your oral health. Infections, cavities, and damage to adjacent teeth are all consequences of leaving your wisdom teeth in place indefinitely.

    Is wisdom teeth removal considered surgery?

    It is, and it is affectionately called oral surgery. Wisdom teeth removal is considered a minor surgery. Fortunately, at the Wisdom Teeth Factory, we have developed minimally invasive techniques that make your recovery process a lot faster. For the majority of our patients, the recovery process is a breeze with minimal swelling and irritation after the procedure.

    What can one expect after wisdom teeth removal surgery?

    There are a few symptoms that can arise after wisdom teeth removal. Swelling, Bruising, Pain, Bleeding, Trismus (difficulty opening your mouth), Numbness (rare, but seen after wisdom teeth extractions) are all possible symptoms following wisdom teeth removal.

    Can Wisdom teeth removal surgery cause TMJ?

    No it cannot. TMJ is a joint condition where your jaw is affected. Wisdom teeth inside of your jawbone do not have any correlation with the onset of TMJ.

    Can wisdom teeth removal cause ear aches or ear problems?

    This is normally not a common symptom that is seen after wisdom teeth removal. If after the procedure your ears begin to hurt, it is a good idea to see your family doctor to make sure the pain is not originating within the ear canal itself.

    Can Wisdom teeth removal cause headaches?

    They certainly can. After the procedure, there will be pain in the area during the healing process. This can lead to muscle tension and potentially developing headaches while the healing process is ongoing. Do not worry as these headaches will subside over time.

    Can wisdom teeth removal affect the shape of your face?

    Removing your wisdom teeth will no affect on the overall shape of your face. Remember, the majority of these teeth are embedded within your jawbone, so they do not affect how your face is shaped initially either. Removing them will have no impact on the shape of your face.

    Can I remove my wisdom teeth under nitrous oxide (laughing gas)?

    Although the majority of people remove their wisdom teeth under IV sedation, there are a good number of people who remove their teeth under laughing gas. Remember, laughing gas will not sedate you during your procedure. It will only calm you down.

    Can wisdom teeth removal cause someone to get a fever?

    There are rare cases that an infection can arise after your wisdom teeth extractions. This may or may not lead to a person developing a fever after their procedure. If this happens to you, contact your dentist or oral surgeon immediately.

    Can wisdom teeth removal cause vertigo?

    This is a very rare occurrence, and it is not something we at the Wisdom Teeth Factory have heard of before.

    Can wisdom teeth removal lead to an infection?

    Yes, but again this is very rare. There are a small handful of cases that lead to small infections. These need to be treated immediately. If you feel you are developing an infection after your procedure, or that the sites are not healing properly contact your dentist immediately, so that he or she can evaluate the area as soon as possible.

    Can Wisdom Teeth Removal lead to sleep apnea?

    There is no correlation between removing wisdom teeth, and developing long term sleep apnea. If you notice you are developing an abnormal breathing pattern while you are sleeping, please contact your physician right away. He or she may recommend a sleep study to diagnose any issues that you may have.

    Can wisdom teeth removal cause canker sores?

    Although rare, canker sores do arise a times after wisdom teeth removal. As our immune system continues to fluctuate during the healing process, canker sores may arise. Do not worry though, there are many ways to remedy this, and they will go away shortly after your procedure (within 1-2 weeks).

    Can wisdom teeth removal shift your other teeth?

    The removal of your wisdom teeth should have no affect of shifting of adjacent teeth, or any other teeth inside of your mouth. There have been no conclusive studies that have been performed that would lead to this conclusion.

    How does wisdom teeth removal work?

    This is a great question. It is best explained through the use to both a visual animation, and a step by step guide. The following guide assumes that a wisdom tooth is impacted (is embedded within the jawbone). 1) Local anesthesia will be used to numb the tooth and the surrounding tissue. 2) The gum tissue is reflected back using to gain access to the wisdom tooth, which is embedded within the jawbone. 3) A few millimeters of the jawbone is removed to gain complete access to the wisdom tooth. 4) The wisdom tooth is sectioned and removed using a drill and instruments. 5) Any infected cystic tissue is removed from the socket to assure proper healing of the area. 6) The area is copiously irrigated with normal saline to remove any debris. 7) The area is sutured together using a dis solvable stitch (these normally dissolve within 7-10 days).

    How does a wisdom tooth site heal after extraction?

    It normally takes 6-8 weeks for complete healing of the site after a wisdom tooth is removed. A blood clot forms in the region after your tooth is removed. This blood clot contains the cellular network to form new cells that help develop bone and soft tissue to replace the space that the tooth originally occupied.

    What kind of foods can I eat after my wisdom tooth extractions?

    We recommend soft foods for the first few days along with plenty of fluids. Potatoes, smoothies, Gatorade are all strongly recommended as your body is in the initial healing process. After the first week, you can resume to regular diet.

    Does the Wisdom Teeth Factory offer payment plans?

    We currently do have payment plan options through third party finance companies. We will do everything we can to make sure you are approved during your consultation appointment. Remember, our cash prices are unmatched in Houston. For a list of insurance carriers we are contracted with, and for cash pricing, please see our pricing page for details.

    For more frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ page here.