Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sugar Land, TX

If you are a Sugar Land, TX resident and need wisdom teeth removal, then the Wisdom Teeth Factory is your best source of teeth extractions. We offer Wisdom Teeth removal for teens and adults at an affordable cost that won’t drain your bank account. Teaming up with Best Dental, we can offer wisdom teeth removal at an affordable price. For four wisdom teeth with IV Sedation, we charge only $1,400. That’s a price you won’t see anywhere in the Sugar Land area.

wisdom teeth removal sugar land, tx

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery are surgical procedures that are located within the oral cavity. These procedures can entail wisdom teeth extractions, dental implant placement, tumor and cyst removal, and excess bone removal from your jawbones—dentists and surgeons across the nation practice oral surgery. Wisdom teeth removal is the foundation of oral surgery, having been practiced for many decades. These teeth have been recommended for removal to prevent adjacent tooth damage and prevent potential dental infections.

Dental Sedation and Wisdom Teeth Removal

The Wisdom Teeth Factory offers many dental sedation options for our patients. Although most of our dental patients prefer IV Sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral conscious sedation are also options that we offer to our clients.

IV Sedation involves placing a catheter inside your arm to provide you with medications to help you sleep through your wisdom teeth removal procedure. The benefit of intravenous sedation is its amnesic properties that help you forget the procedure.

Oral conscious sedation involves taking pills or capsule medicines to help you relax during the procedure. The typical medications given include Halcyon and Valium. Both drugs are given before your wisdom teeth extraction procedure to help you relax during the treatment.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is another form of sedation to help our patients relieve their anxiety about wisdom teeth removal. By inhaling the gas, we can soothe your nerves to help our patients relax during the procedure.

The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure Explained

The steps for wisdom teeth removal are explained below.

  • Numbing medicine in the form of 2% Lidocaine is used to numb the wisdom teeth.
  • A blade is used to open up the gum tissue to expose the teeth for removal.
  • A dental drill is used to remove bone tissue and to cut the wisdom teeth into smaller pieces for removal.
  • After complete removal of the wisdom teeth, the sites are irrigated with normal saline.
  • Dis solvable stitches are used to put your gum tissue back together.
  • Gauze is placed, and post-op instructions are given.
  • Pain medications and antibiotics are prescribed to the patient

Low-Cost Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sugar Land

If you are looking for an affordable and lost-cost option to remove your wisdom teeth, look no further. Most dentists and oral surgeons are charging north of $2,500 to remove impacted wisdom teeth in the greater Sugar Land area. We want our price to be fair to the public. We do not bait and switch. No matter how deeply impacted your wisdom teeth are, our prices will not change. This is a promise we made to ourselves and the great citizens of Sugar Land.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sugar Land, TX

What is the average cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sugar Land, TX?

The average cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sugar Land, TX, is $2,500. This is for the removal of all four wisdom teeth under IV Sedation. As you can see at the Wisdom Teeth Factory, we are charging less than 50% of the average cost. These genuinely are prices that can’t be beat. We also want to assure our Sugar Land residents that the quality of our team performing the surgery is relatively high. With over 10,000 wisdom teeth removed, we know that experience matters.

affordable wisdom teeth removal sugar land tx

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) – Wisdom Teeth

  • Should wisdom teeth always be removed? No, they shouldn’t. Some wisdom teeth function inside the mouth just like any other teeth. If they are healthy and functional, then they should not be extracted.
  • What are the complications of wisdom teeth removal? The main complications can include pain, infection, swelling, and bleeding after the procedure. In rare cases, numbness may be associated with wisdom teeth removal, although this problem tends to resolve with time.
  • Are impacted wisdom teeth more difficult to remove? Not always. Sometimes, if the wisdom teeth that are impacted have not fully formed (typically seen during your teenage years), these teeth are easier to remove than some erupted third molars.
  • What are the different types of impacted wisdom teeth? There are three main types; horizontal, vertical, and mesioangular wisdom teeth. All of them have their own challenges to remove, but with our experience at the Wisdom Teeth Factory, we will take them out in no time.
  • Can wisdom teeth get infected? They certainly can. In fact, the infection can get so severe that it can lead to life-threatening conditions like Ludwig’s Angina. In addition, airway problems are the leading cause of death with wisdom teeth infections.
  • What are some post-operative instructions I should know about after I have my Wisdom Teeth removed? No sucking through a straw, smoking, or spitting for three days. The rest of the instructions can be found here.

We proudly provide quality wisdom teeth removal services for our Sugar Land, TX residents. If you or a family member need wisdom teeth services, trust our team at the Wisdom Teeth Factory. We will have your wisdom teeth out quickly, and you will be on the road to recovery in no time!