Wisdom Teeth Removal in The Woodlands, TX

wisdom teeth removal the woodlands, tx

The Wisdom Teeth Factory is very proud to represent and serve the great citizens of The Woodlands with affordable and high-quality wisdom teeth extractions. We pride ourselves in affordable wisdom teeth removal while maintaining a standard of excellence not seen anywhere in and around the greater Woodlands, Tx area. Dr. Naderi and his team are experts in wisdom teeth removal with over 10,000 successful wisdom teeth removed during his tenure as a dentist. No matter what your situation, if you are suffering from the burden of your wisdom, trust the experts at The Wisdom Teeth Factory with all your wisdom teeth needs.

wisdom teeth removal the woodlands tx

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The average cost of wisdom teeth removal in The Woodlands, TX is $3,200. This includes all four wisdom teeth with IV Sedation. Prices can vary based on your treating oral surgeon or dentist, the depth of your impactions, and the complexity of your individual case.

At The Wisdom Teeth Factory, we take joy in providing a more affordable alternative to wisdom teeth removal. Our price for the removal of all four wisdom teeth with intravenous sedation is $1,400. This is a flat fee that does not change no matter how complicated your case is. Whether your teeth are impacted or erupted, the price will remain the same. We want to show you the integrity and honesty that you expect from any healthcare provider.

wisdom teeth extractions woodlands tx

A Team of Wisdom Teeth Experts

At The Wisdom Teeth Factory, we know that experience matters. With more than 10,000 wisdom teeth extractions under his belt, Dr. Naderi is extremely proficient at removing wisdom teeth. His tenure has provided his patients with great and affordable care. Whether it’s a single wisdom tooth that is bothering you, or you just want all your wisdom teeth removed, trust our team to perform a masterful job. We will have you recovered in no time at all!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Wisdom Teeth

Do all wisdom teeth need to be removed from the mouth? Most wisdom teeth should be removed, but if your wisdom teeth are erupted and functioning without any issues, then you do not need to have them removed.

Do you accept dental financing? We certainly do. We accept third-party financing, and we have an in-house savings plan that can also help those that are in need.

Can Wisdom Teeth cause bad breath? If your wisdom teeth are in the beginning stages of infection, then yes, they could be the source of halitosis or bad breath.

Can Wisdom Teeth cause my ears to hurt? Ear aches are common symptoms of lower wisdom teeth infections. If your ears are hurting, the culprit of the problem may be your wisdom teeth.

We love our family of patients from The Woodlands, TX. We make our wisdom teeth removal process a breeze. Come by and visit us if you have any wisdom teeth concerns. We hope to see you very soon!