Patient Comfort

Many people suffer from dental fears and anxiety – more than 2/3 of the U.S. population, by some estimates. For some people, it’s the sounds they hear. For others, it might be the dentist’s white coat. Or they don’t like feeling a loss of control over the situation. For others, it’s a bad experience – maybe in childhood – that has left them anxious about dental care.

At the Wisdom Teeth Factory in Houston, we work hard to ensure we minimize these triggers. Your comfort is our top priority, so we make every effort to keep you relaxed during your wisdom teeth removal.

Clear discussion about treatment

We will explain every step of the treatment we recommend. We will show you in x-rays and photographs of your Wisdom Teeth, why the treatment is necessary, and will explain how it will help prevent any problems in the future.

Anesthesia to keep you comfortable

To ensure your comfort during some procedures, we will provide either a local or a general anesthetic. This will prevent pain. We will discuss this with you before giving you any anesthetic.

Communication during procedure

Our team will be in constant communication while you are sedated for your Wisdom Teeth removal procedure.

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