Safe IV Sedation for Tooth Removal in Houston

Comfortable Sedation for Tooth Extractions

A message regarding sedation from Dr. Naderi:

“Many dentists and surgeons across the country are using a mixture of injectable medications to put their patients to “sleep” during their surgeries. This marketing technique has allowed them to make a fortune. What they don’t tell you is how dangerous a mixture of different medications can be, especially to your airway. Any form of anesthetic medication can have an impact on your airway, but when doctors begin to excessively mix these medications, harmful results can take place in any surgical setting:

ABC News: Parents of teen who died after getting wisdom teeth pulled accept $2M settlement

Teen dies after ‘routine’ wisdom tooth surgery

Cases like these that lead to hypoxia (deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues) can be directly linked to the general anesthetics that are administered in many surgical practices. Here at the Wisdom Teeth Factory, we only use a mild anxiolytic to make you comfortable and calm during the procedure, while being able to breath on your own at the same time. For us, patient safety always comes first.”

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