The Wisdom Teeth Factory Advantage

What Sets Us Apart

Wisdom Teeth Factory is dedicated to removing Wisdom Teeth in the Houston, TX area at the best prices seen. We treat adult patients and young adults looking to get braces and need their wisdom teeth removed. At the Wisdom Teeth Factory, we welcome new patients and are available to assist anyone with a Wisdom Tooth emergency. If you have Wisdom Tooth (teeth) pain, call us immediately and we can get the pain under control.

At Wisdom Teeth Factory, we provide:

  • Relaxed, professional Wisdom Tooth practice where patients feel unjudged, and cared for. This is not your typical surgical office.
  • Specialists in Wisdom Teeth removal.
  • Expertise in helping nervous patients. Dr. Naderi has performed many cases under IV Sedation to give his patients the best experience that they deserve.
  • IV Sedation to make your Wisdom Teeth removal experience a breeze.
  • State-of-the-art dental technology, techniques, and materials.