How Is IV Sedation Given?

Catheter for IV SedationIV sedation is a catheter that is inserted directly into the vein. The usual location is either arm. A very thin needle that is surrounded by a plastic tube (known as the catheter) is inserted into the arm so that the medicines that we give can go directly into the bloodstream. The needle is removed, but the plastic tube remains in the arm during the length of the procedure.

Throughout the procedure, your oxygen levels and pulse are monitored by a detector that clips on one of your fingers, toes, or earlobe. This is known as a “pulse oximeter.”

Other monitors we use at the Wisdom Teeth Factory include your breathing rate, blood pressure, heart rhythm, and the amount of Carbon Dioxide your body is releasing. As you can see, patient safety and fears are our top priorities.

Pulse Oximeter for IV Sedation