Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my wisdom teeth removed during pregnancy?

If the wisdom teeth are a source of infection, or causing moderate to severe pain, then removing them would be necessary. If they are not, then we recommend waiting until after your pregnancy to have them removed.

How common is numbness after surgery and can it be permanent?

Various studies have shown numbness after wisdom teeth removal ranges from 1-5%. Basic on your clinical and x-ray findings, Dr. Naderi can give you a better assessment of your risks before your surgery. Permanent numbness is extremely rare, but there have been documented cases.

How long will I be swollen after my surgery?

Expect to be swollen for at least 3-4 days following your surgery. Swelling starts to subside after that.

Do I have to be sedated for the procedure?

If you do not want to be sedated, you don’t have to be. We have some patients who elect to get their teeth removed under local anesthesia (just to get the teeth numb).

What happens if I don’t remove my wisdom teeth?

Some wisdom teeth don’t need to be removed. Some people have plenty of jaw space and these teeth function normally. If they do have cavities that can’t be fixed by your general dentist, and he/she is advising that you remove them, then come see us for all your Wisdom Teeth needs. Impacted wisdom teeth should be removed, as they can cause harm to your gum tissue, adjacent teeth, and your overall general health.