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Wisdom teeth removal can be quite costly. As inflation continues to soar, so does the cost of dental procedures. Many of our patients call our Houston office wondering what the cost of wisdom teeth removal is in 2022. How will dental insurance factor into the price? These are longing questions that we will address in this article, as well as tackle other lingering questions that you may have.

Moving forward to 2022, the cost of wisdom teeth removal in the greater Houston area is $2,800. This includes all four wisdom teeth being extracted under IV Sedation. Prices can vary depending on your treating clinician, the level of impaction of the tooth if sedation methods are used, and what part of the city you’re located in.

Wisdom Teeth Factory | Cost of wisdom teeth removal 2022

Factors that determine wisdom teeth removal cost

  1. Your treating clinician: If an oral surgeon is removing your wisdom teeth, the price for their removal will typically be more expensive than your general dentist. Most wisdom teeth that are impacted will need to be removed by a surgeon to make sure that the entire tooth is removed properly and to address any complications that may arise after the procedure is over.
  2. Level of tooth impaction: If your wisdom tooth is underneath your gum tissue, it is considered to be impacted. These third molars are commonly more difficult to remove making the extractions more expensive than a traditional erupted wisdom tooth. Remember that the deeper the level of impact, the pricier it will be to remove the wisdom tooth.
  3. Sedation: If you choose to be sedated (put to sleep) for your wisdom teeth removal, expect to pay more for your procedure. Sedation costs can range anywhere between $400-$1,000 depending on where you decide to get your wisdom teeth removed. If you will be using only laughing gas expect to pay only an additional $50-$100 for the procedure.
  4. Your area: Areas like River Oaks and The Woodlands are typically higher priced areas, so expect to pay more in places like these than other areas in and around the greater Houston area. For the most affordable pricing in and around Houston, look into our pricing for wisdom teeth removal.
Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost 2022

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance can reduce the cost of wisdom teeth removal if your particular plan covers third molar extractions. Some plans (PPO plans) cover a percentage of the cost, while other plans (DHMO) plans cut the costs for the patient. We are proud to say that our prices are lower than most DMO plans, and the co-pays for our PPO patients are extremely affordable. For a quote, contact our office today!

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal in Houston

If you are looking for affordable and high-quality wisdom teeth extractions in the greater Houston area, come visit our team today. Dr. Naderi has removed over 50,000 wisdom teeth in his career, so you cannot be in better hands than the Wisdom Teeth Factory. We look forward to meeting you very soon.

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