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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Houston, Texas – 2022

Wisdom teeth removal can be quite costly. As inflation continues to soar, so does the cost of dental procedures. Many of out patients call our Houston office wondering what the cost of wisdom teeth removal is in 2022. How will dental insurance factor into the price? These are longing questions that we will address in […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs in Houston – 2020

Prices and costs are changing. Wisdom Teeth removal seems to be getting more and more expensive, especially across the Houston, Tx area. Many patients often think about what the cost of wisdom teeth will be in 2020. How will insurance coverage and plans help my family pay for such an expensive treatment? This is a […]

Tips to Recognize a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency involves an injury to the gums or teeth. This can be serious as you risk permanent damage and complications if you ignore it. These tips will help you know if it’s an emergency or not. If it’s an emergency, call our dentist immediately. Pain Control If you have a painful tooth, we […]

When a Tooth is Lost

Adults can lose a tooth for a variety of reasons – trauma, tooth grinding, or poor nutrition (too many acidic or sugary foods, too little calcium). Serious illness like diabetes and cancer can also lead to tooth loss. Serious gum disease is a common cause of tooth loss, as the disease damages jaw bone that […]

Dental Hygiene

The Importance of Flossing You most likely know to brush twice a day. But do you also floss? Flossing is the best way to remove food debris between teeth. When you brush AND floss, you remove decay-causing plaque from your teeth. See your dentist for regular cleanings, and you prevent gum disease. It’s called good […]